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Prismo — must have application for all iOS developers. Prismo help tracking sales of your applications and get reviews, ratings and ranks of applications from App Store. All sales, reviews, ratings of your application in one place. Powerful and easy to use.
Great App, guess I'll be
using this everyday!
Thanks for Prismo!
It's awesome and saving a lot of time
I actually like your program Prismo!
Nice interface and easy to use

iTunes Connect

Prismo can automatically download new daily reports from iTunes Connect with support multiple accounts. Or you can import daily and weekly reports manually.


Many various reports. Look at summary sales or sales for each application, geography of sales on world map.

Reviews and Ratings

Get customer reviews and ratings for your applications from all countries.


Watch for ranks of your applications in App Store tops in all stores and categories.


Backup and sync data between multiple macs with your Dropbox account.